Image ID Experts Directory

A directory of Experts in Visagismo Image ID accredited by Philip Hallawell Visagism Center

Image ID is the art of creating a personal image

Art that reveals the best of your personality and your inner beauty

Qualified and accredited professionals

They were all trained by the Philip Hallawell Visagism Center and, after putting Image ID into practice, they went through a rigorous evaluation process, to ensure that they mastered the entire process of working on this art.

Working in different areas

They are professionals from different areas of beauty, aesthetic medicine, fashion, design and the arts. Search the directory to see who meets your needs in your area

An exciting experience

And you will be able to have one of the most exciting experiences possible: meeting your beauty in the mirror, meeting your self!

Watch the videos and feel the experience

With the interview carried out by our master and creator of Image ID, Philip Hallawell, in this video you can see the application of Philip Hallawell visagism, and after the adjustment made by two Image ID Expert professionals, you will feel the emotion of discovering your own self .

Are you ready to meet your self in the mirror

I want to be an Image ID Expert

Break out of the norm, stand out, provide incredible experiences for your customers and earn their loyalty

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